Andrew Heath – The Alchemist’s Muse

Andrew Heath - The Alchemist’s Muse

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Andrew Heath – The Alchemist’s Muse
CD/Digital Download,  Disco Gecko Music, 2020

I won’t deny (and even want to stress) it demands a special ear and state of mind to immerse into environmental ambiences with a minimal touch. The Budd/Eno-esque sonic architecture displayed to the 60-minute “The Alchemist’s Muse” features guitar drones, warm textural layers, heavily treated field recording and piano notes all spreading a sense of calm and quiet as it builds a slumbering, gradually evolving world  to balance the days.

Although the abstract edge passing by on an off throughout the full album is not my cup of tea (nor is the bass clarinet on the title piece), the recording’s haunting intrinsic nature and resonance of electro-acoustic soundings holds something intriguing yet mesmerizing. The latter also applies to the beautifully and balanced “Letting go of the land” that rounds out the rather peculiar album. One could even contemplate a bit when listening to all this with headphones, I guess.




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