Andrew Lahiff – Inner Worlds Returning

Andrew Lahiff - Inner Worlds Returning

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Andrew Lahiff – Inner Worlds Returning
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Relaxed Machinery, 2012

I’ve been following the soundscape music of Andrew Lahiff for many years, which fits in the league of Robert Carty, Altus, Thom Brennan and alike. “Inner Worlds Returning” contains assorted nature-inspired compositions made in different timeframes, but they are linked together most effectively, addressing the tranquil, cinematic and spacious with evocative vaporous textural atmospheres.

This said, the contemplative, soft-breathing and dreamlike character of the slow evolving soundscapes with environmental sounds and effects is imminent without becoming the least New Age. A highlight for me is “Never Far from Ancient Sunlight”, featuring a more “active” and upfront sound design with occasional sequencers and rhythmic structures.

All in all, “Inner Worlds Returning” makes fine backdrop music while more focused listening to the well-produced and mastered imaginary storytelling will sooth and relax the listener’s mind most pleasantly.
Nice going, Andrew!


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