Andrew Lahiff – Quiet Correlations

Andrew Lahiff - Quiet Correlations

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Andrew Lahiff – Quiet Correlations
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Pocket Fields, 2012

Serene, lush and gently morphing are the keywords applying to the nature-inspired/related outcome featured on “Quiet Correlations”, coined by the label as high-level primeval innerspace deep ambient.

The cosmic, meditative and reflective atmospheres filling the ten spacious soundscapes pass by as a comfortable glide, glistening smoothly as they curl up and spread out their wings, all fitting in a carefully molded sonic womb. This cinematic-flavored, textural-based ambient music is perfect to wind down a busy, restless and nervous mind but is also most suitable if one seeks a tranquil audio companion for introspection.
“Quiet Correlations” is available as free download from the netlabel.

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