Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle – S.T.D.M. – Ramayana

Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle - S.T.D.M. - Ramayana

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Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle – S.T.D.M. – Ramayana
CD, Neu Harmony , 2002

UK’s Jodrell Bank Planetarium has been a venue where quite some electronic music live concerts have taken place in the last few decades. It’s also the spot where the music of “Ramayana” was played live in concert in May 2002 by Andy Pickford & Paul Nagle.

The 71-minute result, presented in three lengthy parts, is an attractive, well done mixture of melodies, string pads and contemporary spheres along strings of captivating, occasionally even up/tempo sequencers and a few bit of vocoder voicing.

Both “Disinformatsiya part 4” and “Ramayana part 7” both became personal favorites soon. This most interesting merge of modern synth sounds and vintage heritage offers a pleasant flow while all sonic ingredients thrown into the bowl assimilate quite easily, addressing atmospheric, e-rock and trance/dance stylings.
I’m confident any average EM-fan will love this fine, versatile and quite energetic outcome by these two experienced but too often neglected musicians. Nice going, guys!



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