Annemarie Borg – In Nomine Tellus

Annemarie Borg - In Nomine Tellus

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Annemarie Borg – In Nomine Tellus
CD, Gterma, 2018

The cover of this 6-panel superfile release is graced by a beautiful panorama pic of the Alaska Range. “In Nomine Tellus”, the second album of a trilogy dedicated to our world by environmentalist/composer/writer/ visual artist Annemarie Borg, follows “In Nomine Cetus” (2014) and precedes “In Nomine Stellae” (scheduled for 2019).

It’s a 74-minute tone poem in three parts with a recurring theme (“Quiet Storm”) conveying a message and warning from the elements to us, warning of the dangers we encounter because of our destructive actions. Using electronic orchestral sounds as well as acoustic instruments (grand piano, cello, harp, electric guitar, singing bowls and bells) plus her own voice for songs, harmonies and some lyrics occasionally, Borg tries to express through the music what she hears and feels our planet and oceans are going through, as humans destroy so much that is alive and beautiful.

Well, the continuous sonic canvas certainly is no easy cup of tea, airing a heavy and somber atmosphere in all corners, not forgetting the haunting, slight psychedelic realms surfacing in the minimalist, drone-like soundscape tapestries occasionally. After several spins, a few with even headphones, I still haven’t made up my mind about this work inspired by the state of our world. I suggest one has a proper listen to parts of the music before purchase.



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