Anomalous Disturbances – Archive Three

Anomalous Disturbances - Archive Three


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Anomalous Disturbances – Archive Three
CD-R, Private Release, 2014

“Archive Three” is a 60-minute collection of previously unreleased ambient-drone soundscapes realized during a series of recording sessions throughout 2007 and 2008. Canadian sound artist Terry O’Brien (aka Anomalous Disturbances) performed the five freeform compositions on guitar with Ebow, guitar synths and effects exclusively.

The floating outcome travels through reflective yet sedate sonic territory with some darker passages and hints in there as well. A scent of the melancholic and saddening shimmers through the leaves of the little bit superficial sounding first piece, but it’s on “Pipe Dream #1” and “Mysterium Tremendum #17” where the hypnotic, minimalism takes on an imaginative tranquil flight very nicely.

The subtle-rendered, gently evolving atmospherics continue to explore the inner ambient-space worlds, seeing a shift to even deeper sonic currents on the immersive, soft glowing “When Darkness Falls”. This 16-minute highlight taps into the far end, staying accessible and comforting as its smooth textures float onward.

The final piece “Melting Worlds” enters a transparent yet elevating space where the elements of magic and wonder swirl sideways for 12 minutes, delivering another calming momentum to caress the mind and soul.

All in all, “Archive Three” makes a great addition to the previous two “Archive”-releases. Headphone listening is highly recommended.


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