Anomalous Disturbances – Archive Two

Anomalous Disturbances - Archive Two

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Anomalous Disturbances – Archive Two
CD-R, Disappearing Music, 2009

After a hiatus of five years, Anomalous Disturbances (aka the Vancouver-based ambient artist Terry O’Brien) finally brings us a second batch of “shelved” recordings.

“Archive Two”, a double cd-r, is a nice collection of unreleased and previously released pieces (which appeared on special projects and compilations) from 2001-2008. And what a fine collection it is, offering some well crafted, deep and highly atmospheric compositions and dronescapes.

Things even get briefly alienating on “Everybody’s Talking v.2” or form gentle, orchestral string-textures on “Daydream #3”. Overall, these free form ambient spaces morph along beautifully, sometimes accompanied by lovely e-bow guitar, the latter played through sound processors and looping devices.
Highlights are “Portent” and “The Secret Adam” on the first cd, while “Sedna”, “Live at SOMA Café pt 2”, “Segue to Heaven” and the uplifting textures of the closing track “Space Elevator Muzik” are the best celestial, soothing soundscapes on the second disc.

All in all, these intruiging, ethereal sound ambiences with melancholic undercurrents still fit the bill of “gently creeping time-stand-still moments”, and will be appreciated by fans of Steve Roach, David Sylvian (“Gone to Earth”), Robert Fripp and Jeff Pearce.

Highly recommended music for those who like to immerse themselves completely in looped, velvet and expansive ambient spaces.


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