Anomalous Disturbances – HovR

Anomalous Disturbances - HovR

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Anomalous Disturbances – HovR
CD-R, Private Release, 2003

This is the second long awaited release of the Canadian musician Terry O’Brien who already surprised me with his engaging album “The Spirit Molecule”.

Well, Hovr features lots of delicately structured repetitive elements, again created via electronically modified looping guitar and is another masterful recording. E.g. the grand track “Apparitions” offers some very nice lingering guitar-work which brings a minimalistic Michael Brook to mind.
The following soft pulsating soundscape-renderings have a strong visual content next to environmental sounds which pop up here and there. On one side these tracks float and shift, but can also forward a beautiful soaring statement which brings melancholy to the surface.
Things even get ethereal like on the fifth track “September”, which blends light textures which wash on and on.

All in all, Terry has done another great job offering this textural mastery to the fans of introspective ambient music. Please don’t wait or hesitate too long as this cd-r is a limited edition of only 200 copies containing some wonderful thermal printing on the cover…


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