Anomalous Disturbances – The Spirit Molecule

Anomalous Disturbances - The Spirit Molecule


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Anomalous Disturbances – The Spirit Molecule
CD-R, Private Release, 2002

On his debut album “The Spirit Molecule”, musician Terry O’Brien uses the sedating, hypnotizing effects of repetition and loops while using electronic devices.
His deep breathing soundscapes created through electronically modified looping guitar might make you think of Jeff Pearce, but here some different angles are taken.

The middle of the album is a rather dark passage through clouded atmospheres with some slightly eerie moments here and there, before the composer heads for “Passport to Magonia”, divided in two parts. Here the ambience is more inviting with great shifting layers of sound as you drift away towards the end of the album, which holds another two great tracks.

“Blue Lotus” and the closing title track are almost Sylvian-like but also made my mind turn back to the phenomenal introspective impact of the tracks found on the B-side of Ashra’s classic album “Belle Alliance”.

This record is one to cherish with your eyes closed, as it makes your mind wander to darker and lighter shades of our imagination.
Recommended !


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