Antrilon – Mind Erase

Antrilon - Mind Erase

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Antrilon – Mind Erase
CD, Dead Earnest, 2008

Antrilon is a project of American musician Greg Kozlowski, whose also guitarist of the progressive and spacerock bands Architectural Metaphor and Secret Saucer.
His debut album “Mind Erase” is a work of abstract, mind-altering, disorienting and psychedelic ambient electronics. “A soundtrack from a 60’s sci fi B movie”, as Kozlowski says on the press sheet.

For this purpose, and to emphasis on the primitive nature of music, only analogue synthesizers were used (such as an EML 101 and 200) next to ring modulators and a big dose of heavy reverb and echo. And no midi, no laptops, no samplers, no emulations, no modelling synthesizers or whatsoever were part of the process.

The outcome are seven instrumental, free form tracks with a cinematic impact, telling its story in its own slowly sequenced pace, which also has a rather bold, rough, uneasy edge, very often bordering experimental music and noise. It sure demands focussed listening and most of all the right mood to be fully appreciated by those who love this kind of genre.

All in all, I found this “drug-adelic”, avant-garde and adventurous music for an out of the body experience a hard nut to crack, and surely doesn’t fit in my taste of electronic music, although I like the outer worldly, spacious vibe it is able to create.



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