Aperus – Hinterland

Aperus - Hinterland

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Aperus – Hinterland
EP, Mpath Records / Geophonic Records / Resonant Effec, 2004

“Hinterland” is a multimode EP which contains four alternative versions of tracks which appeared on the formerly released cd “Tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure” plus one unreleased environmental sketch called “Kaskaskia Canyon”.

Of course musically it doesn’t differ much of what was on the original cd, as things stay overall atmospheric and rather intimate.
Brian McWilliams aka Aperus says this special release served as a kind of musical artifact needed to be put down this way before he could move on in ambient music.

As an extra, various photographs from Chaco Canyon (which was the core inspiration) are included on this very limited edition ep.

“Hinterland” is a strong cd-ep and a real joy to listen to. It’s a real produced and proper addition to the full-length “Tumbleweed” release…
The additional photos and extra MP3-tracks make this release a must-have for all ambient fans. Nice stuff indeed.

P.S. February 2016 saw the release of a remastered edition of the album for which the artist returned to the archive to produce new versions of most tracks and add essential bonus material not found on the first pressing.

Website: aperus.bandcamp.com

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