Aperus – Lie Symmetry

Aperus - Lie Symmetry

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Aperus – Lie Symmetry
CD, Geophonic Records, 2018

A strange but at the same time intruiging set of accidentally made landscape photographs by a cell phone grace the cover of “Lie Symmetry”, a title derived from the math used to describe the stunning visual patterns that occur when cobalt ions are cooled down to absolute zero.

Sonically, this 48-minute/8-track ambient recording covers a peculiar mix of environmental, drone and electronic elements with a dominant role of field recordings (e.g. grainy, jazzy-esk rhythmic drum loops on “VLA 1” and “VLA 2” or insects and animals making up the most part of “Marsh Lake, October”) in the overall sound. The drone evocations and darkening underworlds lean strong towards Roach’s deep organic netherworlds, creating overall mysterious, nocturnal and haunting atmospheres turning out best on the Loren Nerell-ish “Frozen, Broken” and the strong tracks “Marsh Lake”, “Ephemeral River” and “Unfrozen, Unbroken” found at the albums end.

Due to its peculiar nature I gave “Lie Symmetry” several extra spins to pinpoint it, the onces with headphones were real earopeners. It also led me to the conclusion the full outcome is not cohesive and consistent enough as New Mexico-based composer Brian McWilliams (who’s also one half of Remanence) attempted to cover too much styles and sonic territory in one go. Nonetheless, ambient fans should check out this spacious sounding, well mastered recording.

Website: aperus.bandcamp.com

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