Aperus – Tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure

Aperus - Tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure

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Aperus – Tumbleweed obfuscated by camera failure
CD-R, Mpath Records, 2003

The music of ambient composer Brian McWilliams -also known as one half of the creative brain behind Remanence -has taken a new shape by the name of Aperus. Aperus brings us a recording inspired by obscured photographs resulting from camera problems during a trip Brian undertook to New Mexico. A happy accident you might say, as every disadvantage in the end turns out to be an advantage.

Very nicely packaged in a dvd-case, we encounter an overall organic sounding piece of art, full of morphing atmosphere and textures.
“Magnetism” for example is a great introspective track with echoing piano and textures -a delight to absorb in the moment- while the following track “Earth & Clay” turns to an organic experience which brings elements of Steve Roach to mind, before the impact of “Echo Canyon” leads you into the direction of Roach’s great desert music.

This is music which must be felt.I personally think it’s not much use going into details of how Aperus reveals its own magic to the listener going through every single track.

Meet & experience the unexpected, find inspiration in what you will encounter, that’s what this albums brings when it comes over you…
Well done Brian!

Website: aperus.bandcamp.com

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