Apocryphos, Kammarheit & Atrium Carceri – Onyx

Apocryphos, Kammarheit & Atrium Carceri - Onyx

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Apocryphos, Kammarheit & Atrium Carceri – Onyx
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Cryo Chamber, 2015

Dark ambient comes in various flavors, especially when it’s the result of a collaboration of talents. In case of “Onyx”, Apocryphos (aka Robert Kozletsky), Kammarheit (aka Pär Bostrom) & Atrium Carceri (aka Swedish composer Simon Heath) achieved something special in the deep dark realm which the label points out as a soundscape journey related to the reflection of dispirited memories and obscure sorrows felt by mankind.

Well, surreal, haunting and cinematic are the first keywords that apply to the outcome, followed immediately by organic grittiness, desolate, gloomy, intense and profound atmospheric. I imagine some might find the outcome depressing, eerie and monotone, but a closer listen to the imminent dronescapes will reveal various layers and other dynamic subtleties morphing along and evolving gradually, even touching on the ethereal and meditative occasionally. The latter e.g. applies to the nicely crafted, smooth glowing “A Lonely Strain” (which I easily count my favorite take on the release) and the final track “Avenoir”, while the heaviest piece is without doubt the bleak, foreboding and cold “Cavern of Igneous Flame”.

With Onyx”, the netherworlds and dreary territories have been given another sonic narrative with foggy, lonely and ghostly realms in various stages.

Website: www.cryochamberlabel.com


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