Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon – Ascension

Appolonius & 33 Tetragammon - Ascension

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Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon – Ascension
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Resonating Earth, 2011

With “Ascension”, the Dutch duo Apollonius & 33 Tetragammon continues their sonic quest into the realm of human existence and the transition in other states of being.

Soundwise, the two musicians decided to use field recordings made in natural environments, sacred sites and ancient burial mounts as main source to create a canvas of new and inspiring sounds. The latter were complimented with software synths, bamboo flutes, singing bowls and occasional tribal rhythm.

The seven tracks are a dense and profound atmospheric affair, a 74-minute aural journey with a backdrop of shifting organic elements. The spacious and slow morphing sound design is made up of darkening textures and minimal dronescapes. Next to the feel of an abyssal descent, things now and then also run into abstract territory such as on “Shackles of Dust”. In that aspect, the lush longform Roach-like soundscapes of “Singular Moment of Clarity” suit me better. Moreover, the overall outcome of “Ascension” feels almost like those who passed away are taking a lenghty breath or stretching their virtual body while channeling and being in-transit into another state.

Therefor, I recon the intense shadowlands of “Ascension”, the seventh chapter in the project’s “reflection of our descent into the inner realms of the Self”, are only for those hardcore ambient listeners who like to immerse in the very deep end of things or fans of Mathias Grassow, Oöphoi and the associate labels.
“Ascension” is only made available as digital download through the usual online platforms.

Website: www.resonatingearth.com

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