Apollonius – Birth of the Real Self

Apollonius - Birth of the Real Self

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Apollonius – Birth of the Real Self
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

“Birth of the Real Self” is the next chapter in a series of spiritual sonic journeys meant for personal introspection, self-awareness and growth, this time solely composed by Eelke van Hoof, aka Apollonius.

The spatial and organic soundscape, where flute and treated vocals were initially meant to make up the biggest part, is a quiet, mysterious and imaginary ride. The outcome also features field recordings, tabla percussion and singing bowls along synthetic textures and forms, all clinging together in harmony and form. Mind though this is earthy music with some melodic touches, resonating all the way like a drone current.

Although I understood this enlightening new age music should guide the listener to deeper states of awareness during focused or headphone listening, I simply enjoyed “Birth of the Real Self” as a balanced sonic canvas nicely roaming in the background while doing some reading or simply relaxing.

Website: www.resonatingearth.com

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