Applefish – Astrosat

Applefish - Astrosat

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Applefish – Astrosat

DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2022

Warm, deep, and rather contemplative ambient space music is on the menu on Applefish´s debut album “Astrosat”, a 50-minute astral journey by UK composer Nik Davies unfolding calmly in 11 separate tracks that range between 3 and 5 minutes. The mood and feel are already set beautifully by the 5-minute title track kicking things off and “Andromeda’s” dreamy sonic nectar before we are sucked into the mysterious, smooth morphing aural perfume of “Into the Aether”. Another special mention goes out to introspective drift pieces “The Ocean held me close in its arms” and “Starsoaked”. A few pieces like “Orbital Resonance” have a calm sequence, but I personally feel Nik is at his best when things stay in the freeform, textural domain only, which is mostly the case on the nicely rendered, quite immersive “Astrosat”.




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