Arc – Arclight

Arc - Arclight

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Arc – Arclight

Similar to bands like AirSculpture, ARC is at their best when they play live in front of a dedicated audience, busy delivering an outcome suitable for release. “Arclight” is another fine testament of that, containing the full, almost 90 minute concert performed in Liverpool’s Capstone Theatre in November 2014.

As usual there’s lots of analogue sonic massiveness at play, such as the playful, constantly tweaked moog sequencers (at times even thunderous), poignant sound effects along a vast array of cool vintage synth pads and some drums. In addition, its musical content has turned out more melodic compared to “Umbra”. A great mood is set by “Arcadia” (like “Proxima Obscuro” also featured on “Umbra”), which incorporates a fine bunch of the aformentioned ingredients. Next is the title track, an energetic as melodic exercise with pounding sequences and progressive rock blasts, ticking many tasty boxes during the 18-minute ride.

It’s time to sit back on the moody, introspective-flavored “Filtered through Haze”, the second new track, before things are set in motion again by “Proxima Obscuro”. Mellow-melodic atmospherics make up the first half of “Into Dust” before more energy, experiment and grittiness is pumped into the track. The album winds down with the thunderstruck pieces “Panthera” and the encore “Cherry Bomb”, which are both featured on “Umbra”.

Although the overlap of several pieces already published/heard previously doesn’t make “Arclight” an essential release, the excellent title piece is a reason to get it anyhow.


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