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Arc - Church


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Arc – Church
CD, DiN, 2010

After the download-only release “Rise”, “Church” is a factory-pressed full-length cd featuring five extended tracks played live during Gatherings Concert Series in November 2009.

The recording offers some highly energetic, powerful, state-of-the-art ARC-music that fans of their music can purchase without hesitation.
Just imagine the duo’s improvised manner of sequencing, topped by some evocative space chords and melodic lines, and you’re more than halfway what the music on “Church” is all about.

Of the five pieces, four are completely new material, very nicely kicked off by the 21-minute “Church”, which sets the tone with expansive symphonic textures, bell sounds, atmospheric and bubbling interludes and of course their top-notch vintage sequencing and moody soundscapes.

The final 17-minute piece “Falling Through to Rapture” contains a new version of just the sequencer section from the title track of their last album “Rapture”, expertly rounded out by some vast and massive mellotron chord tapestries.

The multi-track recording from the concert have been mixed and mastered by Mr Shreeve to provide the listener a thrilling and highly inspired performance.

All in all, “Church” is another must-have for anyone who’s looking for smoking analogues and another exciting ride to “vintage heaven”.


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