Arc – Fleet

Arc - Fleet

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Arc – Fleet

“Fleet” is another powerhouse live recording from Mark Shreeve & Ian Boddy featuring their set played at the E-Scape festival in May 2017 for an enthusiast audience. On their 7th concert recording the duo has pulled up their sleeves giving way to a large array of rich harmonic themes in their still dynamic music.

First evidence of this is found on the anthemic title track kicking things off along cracking vintage sequencing, haunting choir parts and attractive chord progressions found all over the place on the 74-minute, 7-track recording. At first glance “Surge” addresses a quieter yet peaceful realm but as soon as the heavy moog sequence shows up various catchy elements start building and interacting along some brief soloing.

A lovely mellowness shines through the leaves of the carefully molded “Escape” before the strong “Crux” takes us into adventurous and cinematic aural territory blending psychedelic spheres, various interlocking sequences and assorted Berlin School bits into an exciting, energetic outcome. “Howl”, the great finale of the album, is a blast of electronic spacerock (classic Hawkwind says hello here!) and yet another very fine treat any Berlin School aficionado shouldn’t miss out.

All in all, this release is another Arc blockbuster simply belonging in any electronic music collection.


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