Arc – Rise

Arc - Rise

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Arc – Rise
CD-R, DiNDDL, 2010

The vintage powerhouse duo Mark Shreeve and Ian Boddy, aka Arc, made a trip to the USA in November 2009 to play their debut concert at Chuck van Zyl’s famous Gatherings Concert Series in Philedelphia.

The three lenghty tracks on the 57-minute “Rise” are taken from that performance. The album takes off with the highly atmospheric, foreboding and slighly eerie soundings of “Creep”, which slowly morphes on.

Next comes the energetic sequencing, soloing and grand sonic architecture assembled on the melodic title track (without doubt the highlight on this release) followed by the 19-minute “Fade”, which blends nicely rendered textural atmospherics and Mellotron harmonics.

“Rise” is the seventh download-only release on Ian’s DiN/DDL sub-label, made available in lossless FLAC and high quality MP3 with full quality printable artwork.


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