Arcane – A Tale of Unease

Arcane - A Tale of Unease

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Arcane – A Tale of Unease
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2012

Besides the many vintage influences and sounds found in the music of Arcane, aka UK-synthesist Paul Lawler, there also has been a distinct sense of something sinister, gothic and foreboding to it as well.

The six-track outcome on the full-length “A Tale of Unease” is no exception, while it also connects to the mid ‘70s era of TD. After a searching and abstract opening on the 21-minute “Darkened Mirrors”, deep bass sequencers, choir pads and vintage textures kick in around the 5-minute mark, setting the piece in motion for a couple of minutes before the haunting, menacing soundscaping and effects show up once more. This ebb and flow of things repeats once more.

“House on the barren hill” comes close to Peter Baumann’s first two solo-albums, while things roam in spooky, gloomy and slightly psychedelic spheres on the free form “Sunrise 1877” and the haunting yet beautiful “The Portrait” with lovely mellotron flute, choirs and a nice TD-“Encore”-vibe.

The 8-minute title track has a certain melancholic veil lying over the imaginary sounds, before the albums ends strong with the nicely sequenced, Baumann-nish “Stone Tapes”, creating a more accessible, positive sonic canvas.

The biggest part of the music though is a grower, while I only wished there had been more on the album like “House on the barren hill” and “Stone Tapes”.


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