Arcane – Alterstill

Arcane - Alterstill


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Arcane – Alterstill
CD, Neu, 2001

“Alterstill” is the third album by Arcane, aka Paul Lawler, and again it’s a great one.
The fantastic retro style has remained, featuring engaging melodic sequencer music in which echoes of TD’s album “Encore” and alike is masterfully melted with their music of the ‘80s, such as “Logos”.

The tracks are quite long, and contain beautiful vintage music which keeps floating in your head (especially the shorter third part had that on impact on me).

Anyway, the album contains five parts of which the closing 15-minute part five is a live recording, of which rumours say it was made in 1978.
Although the sound of the album is not something new, this retro music is an absolute must-have in the genre.


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