Arcane – Automaton

Arcane - Automaton

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Arcane – Automaton
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Groove Unlimited, 2016

Arcane aficionados -including myself- who have been following and appreciating this artist’s accessible vintage sequencer works should now be very cautious. Mr Lawler’s “Automaton” proves a hard nut to crack with its profound experimental/abstract approach and sound (meant to mimic the nature of the Automaton) built from layers of self generative modular synth spheres, effects and drum machines.

The album features 10 tracks entering into the mechanics and soul of the machine by presenting a profound industrial, clean psychedelic sound design with lots of bleeps, often soaked in minimalism. When listening to it the first time I’m sure many will be put off almost immediately by “Automaton’s” stark, weird and off-the-world aural nature. The hallucinogenic “The Steam Man” and “The Bird Trainer” along the bolt, freaked-out “The Martinet Elephant” are among the strangest pieces on the recording. In addition, “The Turk” is all about menacing, foreboding spheres.

I really had to push myself to listen to the harsh outcome several more times, but this didn’t change anything of the aforementioned.


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