Arcane – Black Knight

Arcane - Black Knight


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Arcane – Black Knight
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2015

Composed almost entirely with analogue and modular synthesizers, composer Paul Lawler hereby continues his journey through space environs. This time though, he has given the free form outcome a much darker, enigmatic and sometimes even abstract flavor.

The slow-paced 4-track EP “Black Knight” contains a fine dose of choir textures, vintage pads and effects that transport the listener into the desolate, unknown expanse. A bass sequencer intensifying the non-melodic cosmic spheres appears only occasionally while the otherworldly soundscaping pushes onward. The concluding “Dark Knight 4” ventures slightly into grandness. Its haunting symphonic hints leave the door open for (I sincerely hope) more kindred cinematic stuff to come.

All in all, “Black Knight” is a well-crafted recording I love to play in repeat-mode.


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