Arcane – Landers

Arcane - Landers

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Arcane – Landers
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD EP, Private Release, 2015

According to his Facebook page, a new synth and a good concept idea were the driving force for the 5 track/30 minute EP “Landers”, enabling Paul Lawler to finish all music in just four days start to end.

Here’s no sign though of any downside to this quick working method, as the mellow sounding cosmic outcome addresses some classic electronic vibes and old-school sound design including some fine, nicely-paced (minimal) sequencer stuff. “Viking-1”, “Lunar-9” and “Philae” make the strongest impressions for sure, merging subtlety, elegance and the cosmic theme in a most solid and satisfying manner.

If you have a soft spot for Berlin School sequencing and melodic vintage electronics, the spacious “Landers” will no doubt be something up your alley, striking quite a few melancholic chords and emotions along the ride.


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