Arcane – Revenants

Arcane - Revenants

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Arcane – Revenants
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2014

Cinematic and progressive retro-power is just one of the thoughts that crossed my mind when I sat down and had a focused listen to the sonic narrative “Revenants”, Mr Lawler’s last album for the year 2014. Not sure if the album’s music is inspired by the same-titled French and US tv-series, while I also sense a connection to the spheres found in some post-apocalyptic writings by Stephen King.

Energetic, vintage sequencing and distorted guitar along some lovely rolling drums kick things off on the title piece, followed by the haunting, more foreboding oriented “Contagion”. Things slow down on the moody exercises “Fire and Rain” and the beautiful “From here to Oblivion”, both lining up nicely next to TD’s ’80’s soundtrack period. Mysterious realms creep in at the start of “The Returned”, which breaths distinct elements of TD’s “Thief” while it evolves into a rhythmic, mild e-rock piece.

The unhurried “Sunrise on a desolate highway” makes another strong TD’s ’80’s soundtrack impression, together with its Frank Dorittke-kindred e-guitar. The final pieces “Unnatural Selection” and “Deadly Skyline” continue in the same moody, lush but not too melodic oriented TD style. Overall, Paul did another fine and tasty job on this release.


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