Arcane – The Shelter

Arcane - The Shelter

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Arcane – The Shelter
CD-R, Private Release, 2009

Shortly after “Tomorrow’s Tuesday”, Paul Lawler brings us another vintage release, the Ep “The Shelter”. The latter is the name of a strange, big, deserted and spooky house (yes, the one on the cover!) owned by Steve’s grandparents, who used it as a place for destitute animals.

The three music tracks stay rather close to TD’s melodic and sequenced mid-‘70’s music, especially that of “Encore”. It was repacked in atmospheric soundings that sometimes have an eerie touch, especially on the middle piece “The Dog Collector” (the actual name of an open topped truck that used to collect the dead dogs/cats).

Personally, I consider the closing track “The Room of Broken Glass” the best track due it its uptempo character and moody sequencing.

Like the previous album, this 28-minute works is only available as MP3 or Flac-download from MusicZeit.


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