Arcanum – Arcanum

Arcanum - Arcanum


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Arcanum – Arcanum
CD, Faria Records, 1997/2007

This is the re-release of the classic album by the German trio Mathias Grassow, Rüdiger Gleisberg and Amir Baghiri that originally saw the light of day in 1997 on the Italian Amplexus sub label Arya.

There’s a small difference though, as two nice bonus pieces have been added (“Vipassana” and “Reminiscence”). After all these years, my opinion about this fascinating album hasn’t changed a bit. In a way, listening and submerging in the beautiful and rich music of Arcanum still feels like a religious and cleansing experience.

It’s the alchemy between the three skilled musicians on assorted percussion, sequences, intimate synthetic sound tapestries and elevating dronescapes that makes the outcome a journey to another, deeper world beyond. Along the way, a vast range of tribal, ethnic and shaman-like elements is thrown in a fascination bowl of magic that at times also turns out quite minimal or energetic.

All in all, Arcanum makes an exceptional work of deep and hypnotizing ambient fans of Steve Roach and Robert Rich will absolutely love.

The re-release, like the previous edition limited to 500 copies, comes in colorful postcard-sized paper sleeve with three inlay cards.



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