Arjen Schat – 一人Hitori

Arjen Schat - 一人Hitori

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Arjen Schat – 一人Hitori
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Private Release, 2017

Being an avid fan of longform and calming soundscapes I surely like to recommend “Hitori” by Dutch synthesist Arjen Schat. It’s freeform, meditative and slow morphing textural music with subtly played electric piano parts great to escape the speed of life, traveling inward and exercise some soulsearching as the soft breathing dronewaves drift along while its scheme of pastel colors evolve effortlessly. Compared to the previous two tracks and while remaining a soundscape, the third piece “Sairento” has a more pronounced, active sound design.

Think of Roach’s “Quiet Music”, Philip Wilkerson’s reflective soundscape works or Eno’s “Thursday Afternoon” as a reference for -the biggest part of- this release.

The download includes “Hitori (Continuous Flux)”, a continuous mix of meditative drones.



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