Arkha Nous – Tria

Arkha Nous - Tria

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Arkha Nous – Tria
CD, Arkha Sound, 2009

Arkha Nous is musician and composer Rodolfo Garza, hailing from Monterrey, Mexico. In the past years he collaborated with ambient musician Jorge Reyes (who sadly passed away 2009).
As Barbelo, he released released the album “Ethnoaural” in 2008, a project together with Jorge Reyes and Susan Lincoln.

The 54-minute “Tria” offers ethno-ambient with distinct elements of new age and world music scattered all over the place, but to me it most of all is a melange of chill-out.

Most tracks are spherical outings, but there are several rhythmic pieces such as the title track, “Maruku’s Style” and “Highway of Thoughts” that set things in motion with new age beats.

Personally I love the smooth, dreamy and magical sound paintings best. “Orion’s Chamber” is one of them, a blissful and unhurried outing with moody piano and heavenly choir pads.

“Tria” offers a contemporary and instrumental style of music that also reflects on ancient cultures and traditions in its own manner.



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