Arnold Mitchem – Desert Dreams

Arnold Mitchem - Desert Dreams

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Arnold Mitchem – Desert Dreams
CD, ADM Music/Earthsong, 1998

The instrumental music on the album “Desert Dreams” by guitarist and multi-instrumentalist Arnold Mitchem is inspired by the national treasures and overall beauty of the American desert Southwest.

At certain spots, Mitchem’s acoustic six-string guitar playing is accompanied by lush and warm electronic string pads, bass and flutes. Desert sounds are also added occasionally. The nine mellow and relaxing songs are genuine and well executed.

The most part appear to be solo acoustic guitar tracks, some have atmospheric synthesizer textures as backdrop. In my opinion, the opening (also title) track is the best and most versatile cut on the cd, incorporating the various elements while also being the most electronic.

Despite the acoustic guitar being the cornerstone on this album, “Desert Dreams” makes an interesting album for all who love dreamy, chill-out desert musings.



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