Arrocata – In the Distance

Arrocata - In the Distance

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Arrocata – In the Distance
CD, Sonoran Winds Music, 2006

Arrocata is a project from Arizona-based musician Robert Straub, a long time resident of the Sonoran Desert.

“In the Distance”, which draws inspiration from the expansive open spaces and deserts in the American Southwest, transports the listener to the very heart of the Sonoran desert where the timeline of past and present actually co-exist, according to the musician.

The well composed and executed textural sonic content with occasional percussion is highly cinematic and of an overall dreamy, heartfelt and slowly meandering nature.
The atmospheric sonic pallet features natural and electronic sounds of which both form and structure slowly shape shift as the ambient journey magically unfolds before the listener’s ears.

Mystic and desolate feelings are never far away, as they tend to linger on underneath the captivating, nicely sculptured soundscapes in a subtle manner.

All in all, “In the Distance” contains 58 minutes of exquisite, high quality desert ambience.


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