Arrocata – Moments of Grace

Arrocata - Moments of Grace

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Arrocata – Moments of Grace
CD-R/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Sonoran Winds Music, 2011

The sonic content of Arrocata’s “Moments of Grace” is a mix of atmospheric Roach-like desert ambience and reflective/melancholic aural paintings. In both, emotive currents and streams are at play, glowing gently but steady.
Opener “Moments in Grace” is a strong exercise (expressing the true state of grace in life when one is loved), followed by the cinematic “Precessional Clock” (about cycles affecting life that are larger than human perception) and maintaining balance after loss on “Centering”.

After the epic 23-minute aural painting “Point of Convergence”, ambient textures decend to spacious, deeper grounds on “The Alignment” before uprising again in a subdued tribal-oriented fashion on “In Flow”. Floating, warm and comfortable textures wash over the listener on the final track “Pat’s Shower (Perseids), dedicated to the Perseids meteor shower that occurs every year from mid-July til the end of August.


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