Arrocata – The Painter

Arrocata - The Painter

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Arrocata – The Painter
CD-R, Sonoran Winds Music, 2008

In his youth, Phoenix-based musician Robert Straub (aka Arrocata) was an art major, and while he’s still occasionally engaged in that endeavour he devoted most of his artistic energies toward music.
However, he also enjoys going to art shows and exhibits of new and emerging artists that fit his particular set of eclectic tastes.

With the album “The Painter” (bearing the subtitle “a collection of ambient works”), Robert decided to emulate a theme based art exhibit.
The objective was to employ a compositional approach of manipulating both form and recurrence and thereby create a series of pieces that would share the common theme, but each track would present the listener with something distinctly different and unique.

The sonic outcome is slow morphing and overtly long form textural music of a dark, mysterious and atmospheric nature (“Silhouette”).
Due to the intuitive combination of electronic and natural sounds, things can even take a surreal and minimalist form (“Rogue Wave”), but also gently switch to more elegant, serene landscapes such as “Portrait”.

This is imaginative music to tickle the mind, especially suitable for headphone and deeper listening.

“The Painter” is available as cd-r from CD Baby or as download from Musiczeit.


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