Art of Infinity – Dimension Universe

Art of Infinity - Dimension Universe

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Art of Infinity – Dimension Universe
CD, BSC/Prudence, 2004

Art of Infinity is a German band founded by Thorsten Sudler-Mainz and Thorsten Rentsch. The concept album “Dimension Universe” is their second release, described as their endless journey into space.

Well, my first impression of the music was that it had a slight IC-flair from the old days (but that vanished quickly), as keyboards are accompanied by sax, e-guitar, female vocals/choirs, percussion and drums.

The outcome, of which the genre received the label-description Art Progressive, is not what I would classify as space music, as even a short drum ‘n bass influence shows up in the second track.

I also found the spoken words and sax in the longest track “Drift upon the Sky” useless and utterly boring, which also goes for the screaming guitar sounds and bland choir contributions.
In addition, there’s no sharp edge to be found in the music that makes things a bit more interesting and captivating. It’s easy-going melodic instrumental music which sounds uninspired and loungy.

All in all, the musical content on the eight tracks sounds far too soft, predictable and polished to my ears, missing a good dash of adventure and a good kick in the ass.



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