As if – Faraway Trees Standing Still

As if - Faraway Trees Standing Still

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As if – Faraway Trees Standing Still
CD, Gterma, 2012

As If is the magical soundworld project of Danish composer and visual artist Kenneth Werner (Jensen), which focuses on low-tempo, soundscape and the ambient/dub end of electronic music.

Although the music starts out in a very atmospheric and free form fashion on the first take, the recording reveals its other face with a great sense of tantalizing movement and flow kicking in on pieces such as “By the Shore” or the hypnotizing pulsations of “Hidden Stream” and “Secret Garden”.

Besides evocative mood paintings, the 70+ minute “Faraway Trees Standing Still” is a well-rendered, bright and transparent sounding sonic exploration into ethereal ambient and dub-techno that flows and evolves beautifully into distant lands. The great tandem of “Mountain Lake” and “Autumn Wind” bring the chill-out journey to a fine ending.

All in all, the mesmerizing and mellow feel running through all eleven tracks makes the well mastered album a recommendation for listeners that appreciate the quality output by Yagya or kindred spirits, providing ear-candy for the slow-lane.


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