As if – Havet

As if - Havet

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As if – Havet
CD, Gterma, 2015

“Havet” is the second full-length album by musician/visual artist Kenneth Werner (Jensen) on Johan Rehn’s Gterma label. The almost 80-minute outcome, melting dubtechno and ambient moods, was highly inspired by the vast ocean that surrounds the composer’s home island of Bornholm along the passing of the various seasons in the southern Baltic Sea.

The spacious, tempo-based music is dressed with various environmental sound recordings and no distinct melodies, waving onward like a travelogue. Although ambient-dub isn’t really up my alley, there still are some nice moments and spheres captured here. Next to the active mode, there’s also a dreamy, imaginative element at play constantly that changes the view gently again and again.

The blending of the elements water and air into lush and panoramic sound paintings has led to a rather chill-out listening experience in constant motion with an atmospheric air of discovery surrounding it.

Those who can appreciate the output of Urenga should dip into this as well.


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