As if – In my Room

As if - In my Room

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As if – In my Room

“In my Room” is a 48-minute album by Kenneth Werner (Jensen), aka As if. Contrary to the previously released, more ambient-oriented “Faraway Trees Standing Still”, “In my Room” contains livelier minimal ambient-dub music with track titles having reference to some lines in Depeche Mode tracks.

Melody though plays a minor role on this release. The second piece “Into the Trees” made me think of the work of Mon0, but there’s also an atmospheric side to this music, as one can hear on e.g. “Breaking the Silence”. It’s a pity though I spotted some distortion on a few of the six pieces.

The physical version of “In my Room” comes straight from the Sardinian label ROHS as a limited CD-R of 50 hand-numbered copies including white cardboard sleeves, photo, info and digital download code.


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