As Lonely as Dave Bowman – Monolith

As Lonely as Dave Bowman - Monolith

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As Lonely as Dave Bowman – Monolith

Now here’s a project fully inspired by and related to the cinematic art of Stanley Kubrick. Being named after the astronaut in Kubrick’s “2001, A Space Odyssey”, “Monolith” is also the fully electronic concept album by Sam Rosenthal providing a soundtrack for the final four months of Dave’s journey to Jupiter as happened in the movie.

The outcome, four lengthy pieces, though is no easy cup of tea as it rides the psychedelic, abstract (and sometimes even experimental) edge through ongoing droning spacescapes and wordless drift with long suspended passages. In this context the composer likes to refer to the result as touching the edges of isolation and glacial solitude with a discernible warm human core. Add minimalism (especially applying to the concluding 40-minute piece) to that description, which seems to dissolve in white noise in the outro.

Overall, one has to be quite open-minded to appreciate the slow weightless life, profound desolation and timelessness unfolding in the outerspace of “Monolith”.



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