ASC & Inhmost – Dimensional Space

ASC & Inhmost - Dimensional Space


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ASC & Inhmost – Dimensional Shift
CD-r/Digital Download, Auxiliary, 2021

The discovery of their very nice second collaborative album “The Moons of Saturn” prompted me to track down their debut “Dimensional Space”. The latter proves a calm, serene, spatial ambient-textural affair exploring the farthest reaches of space and beyond during its 70-minute playing time.

Distances as well as time seem to have dissolved as we glide peacefully and effortlessly through an imminent, colorful expanse while watching and immersing into multiple smooth shifting patterns encountered in the cosmic environs. “Nebula Collapse” is especially neath due to the smooth implementation of soft-glistening, evocative female whispers in the breathtaking soundscape while one is easily hypnotized by the ethereal soundings of “A Solemn Voice”.

Suffice it to say one should not miss out on this quality release -best enjoyed through a good pair of headphones- if you’re an avid fan of (almost) rhythmless, thought-provoking deep space ambiences.


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