ASC & Inhmost – The Moons of Saturn

ASC & Inhmost - The Moons of Saturn

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ASC & Inhmost – The Moons of Saturn
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Auxiliary, 2021

As a fan of free-form deep space music, I already explored quite some releases by ASC, but it appeared this guy also did some collaborations, “The Moons of Saturn” being one of them. That album is the second one done between James Clements and Simon Huxtable (aka Inhmost).

Those fond of drifting arcs of elevating textures already receive a great treat with the opener “The Symphony of Rhea” which propels us gently into the great void. From there on we start exploring the galactic awe and wonder in calm slow motion, traversing long distances towards an infinite, soft glowing horizon. “Storm on Tethys” is a second highlight with its smooth drifting atmospherics and ethereal vibes as our starship passes by before we plunge into the enchanting celestial mechanics making up “The Secret of Fenrir” and the more intense “Pan, The Shepherd Moon”. Pure, delightful space ambiences form the heart and soul of the beautifully rendered 14-minute closing piece “Reflections from Enceladus”. Nice going, you two!



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