ASC – No Stars without Darkness

ASC - No Stars without Darkness

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ASC – No Stars without Darkness
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season , 2016

This is a fine recording working well when the weather starts growing colder and in wintertime. With “No Stars without Darkness” listeners enter a far-off world of floating ambient spaces drenched in sorrow, soberness, beauty and dreaminess. Despair, hope and loneliness shimmer evidently through the leaves of the fluid, lush textures and an occasional sequence making up the deep space environs and almost meditative aural bliss featured on the nine individual tracks.

Things take on a slightly colder and more distant form in the midsection of the recording starting on “A Moment Alone” without drifting off to far or interfering with the carefully built and evolving emotive current, then immersing meticulously into the mourning, profound melancholic depths of “Nothing more to give” and “Elegy for an empty shell”. “The Promise in your lies” breathes traces of hope as we resurface smoothly out of the inner sanctuary into nothingness.

It is higly emotive-chilling stuff that keeps resonating in your mind after it stopped playing. As was the case with James Clements’s previous works, the immersive, sci-fi angled “No Stars without Darkness” demands and rewards deep listening. Well accomplished Mr Clements.


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