ASC & Sam KDC – A Restless Mind

ASC & Sam KDC - A Restless Mind

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ASC & Sam KDC – A Restless Mind
12″/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Auxiliary, 2020

Since I discovered ASC´s ambient work I´m fascinated by this artist’s talent to explore spellbinding, deeper aural worlds through (mostly) texture. “A Restless Mind”, accomplished in the first phase of the corona pandemic, sees Mr. Clements collaborate with British fellow artist Samuel Wood (aka Sam KDC). Together they “explore the depths of melancholy, providing a soundtrack to the mind’s transient drift”.

Well, the nearly 59-minute aural spaces and liquidise landscapes mapped out here touch the gentle, evocative ground but breathes introspection, desperation, longing, and loneliness simultaneously. It’s a gradually unfolding lucid dreamscape through eight tracks with spiritual, timeless, and soothing edges, altogether making a smooth sonic balm for the mind. The mesmerizing and profound atmospheric journey comes to a beautiful closure with the epic “Fading from Memory”. Well done, guys!


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