ASC – The Waves

ASC - The Waves


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ASC – The Waves
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season, 2019

I’ve been impressed by various ambient releases by James Clements, aka ASC, so won’t deny I had high expectations for “The Waves”. Well no worries as the 8-track/66-minute recording offers a vast ocean of freeform soundscapes again sounding impeccable, immersive, cinematic and highly atmopsheric. It’s a comforting, remote and rather mournful aural world we enter here with a kaleidoscope of elements unfolding into the liquid deep end through various loops and undulating, soft breathing synth washes.

“Kelp Forest” along the subsequent tracks “Marine Layer”, “Hadal Zone” and “Ocean Shadow” rounding out the recording make pure highlights with their display of profound emotive ambient-space textures unfolding so gracious and overtly gentle as the imminent waves morph on.

“The Waves” is an excellent, highly recommended sonic companion for imaginary deep sea exploration as well as to all space music afficionados out there.


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