ASC – Time Heals All

ASC - Time Heals All


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ASC – Time Heals All
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Silent Season , 2013

What I got here is a double album by San Diego-based composer James Clements, aka ASC, with absorbing ambient soundscapes where time seems to dissolve. I’m confident you’re going to embrace this transcendental mind-music if you have a preference for the freeform, deep and expansive textural works of 36, Biosphere’s “Substrata” or classic Eno.

The wave of highly emotive textural landscapes sketched out here (perfect as evening and night music) has a profound cinematic and intrinsic quality in which gritty soundbites and environmentals are implemented sophistically along a constant blissful undercurrent. Most satisfying on the droning vapour of “Time Heals All” is the warmth and tenderness found in the rather muddy but always morphing and slow-evolving sound design of deceptive simplicity. Special attention on the album’s sonic background: in these velvetly and unique textured auras is in fact a lot going on.

I recommend though listening to the two discs with an interval, as two hours in one go is a bit too much.
Still, “Time Heals All” is a mesmerizing, melancholic-flavored aural journey for the patient, all who appreciate ambient quiet art and most of all for those who still care to listen instead of just hearing…


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