ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects 2

ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects 2


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ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects 2
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Auxiliary, 2018

I only need a few lines for this recording, the final one in the series, which sees James Clements – aka ASC- pick up the sonic trail where the previous album left us. We continue our captivating journey into deep space and far beyond, entering spacious environs where the ethereal, gothic and mysterious blend effortlessly. Immensity and darkness are embedded firmly in endless beds of texture as the many plendours of the interplanetary void float by. “Typhon” and “Mors Somnus” make epic tracks here.

The steeply introspective “TransNeptunian Objects 2” is ideal to make up your own fantastic sci-fi images while travelling weightlessly into the far beyond.


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