ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects

ASC - Trans-Neptunian Objects


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ASC – Trans-Neptunian Objects
DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Auxiliary, 2017

“Trans-Neptunian Objects”, refering to dwarf planets and asteroids that lay beyond the planet Neptune, is a 73-minute ambient recording of smooth resonating deep space explorations.

Sonically it extends on the world of expansive, gentle drifting cosmic waves that made up ASC’s previous album “No Stars without Darkness” though floating off in even more remote environs. Throughout the tranquil, fully beat-less and highly visual aural journey listeners can sense the immense distances of the galaxy as well as its deep mysteries and splendour as one suspends in dense, introspective soundscapes.

The rise and fall of velvet textures and occasional symphonic hints is done expertly while creating full immersive and soothing effect. Composer James Clements has simply outdone himself once more with this hauntingly beautiful, most fulfilling space cruiser taking you to the farthest reaches of our solar system and beyond.
“Trans-Neptunian Objects” is no less than a true space music gem.


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