Ascendant – Astral Ascendant

Ascendant - Astral Ascendant


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Ascendant – Astral Ascendant
Digital Download, Synphaera Records, 2024

All releases on the Synphaera label don’t compromise on audio quality. The latter matched with some great sound design and accessible electronic music can only lead to a great album, which is the case with Chris Bryant and Don Tyler’s “Astral Ascendant”, a 53-minute sequencer-driven journey without solo voices through the cosmos to explore the profound origin of light.

What the duo achieved on their previous releases is here transported to an even higher level, building and merging inspiring cosmic atmospheres while the (spatial), bright sequencing carrying things onward shows similarities to some of those featured on Terminus Void’s “Apeiron”. The cinematic, the elegant, and the dreamful shake hands here beautifully.

The only thing that boggles my mind is why such a great piece of ambient sonic art, again cut from the 24-bit Master Source, isn’t released on (at least a limited edition)CD..


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