Ascendant – Meridian

Ascendant - Meridian


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Ascendant – Meridian
CD/DIGITAL DOWNLOAD, Synphaera Records, 2016/2018

Soothing, languid, deep and subdued dynamic are just a few keywords to describe the 86-minute ambient-space journey “Meridian” by Ascendant, aka California-based duo Chris Bryant and mastering engineer Don Tyler. Perfect for lucid dreaming and relaxing the mind, the flowing (at some parts also gently sequenced) outcome is celestial, expansive imaginary and haunting. Even a nod of Berlin School is surfacing occasionally as we traverse the galactic expanse in slow motion and immersive state.

Previously only available as a download, a physical -but altered- version of the album was released as “Meridian [EX]” in December 2018. This two and a half hour double-album actually features four new ambient re-workings as well as a different track list and completely new artwork. Rest me to say I recommend this quality release highly to all space music aficionados out there.


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